How I Plan My Cosplay

Hey beautiful people,

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks because I’m pushing out a dress last minute. So while I’m on hiatus from working on my Link cosplay, I figured I’d share some of my organizing and planning secrets (clearly, I’m procrastinating).

Anyone who knows me is aware how much I LOVE organizing – I enjoy making order out of chaos, what can I say? With that in mind, here’s how I plan my cosplays:

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How to Make Bias Tape

how, to, make, bias, tape, sewing, diy, linen

I normally purchase bias tape, but I decided to make it for my Wii U Link cosplay – Joann doesn’t carry linen tape, and I was using that fabric to make Link’s undershirt. Fortunately, bias tape is actually easy to make. In case you want to save some money or ensure your tape matches your garment, here’s how to do it:

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Supporting the World in Video Game Costume Design

When you’re playing a game with a consistent and tight world design, you don’t even notice it – unless, of course, you’re a designer, in which case, you notice the shit out of it for all the right reasons. Everything from the scenery to the costumes to the music to the sound design should all be unified, equally contributing to a single concept that ultimately fades to the background because it’s just so damn natural. (“Elder Scrolls” games tend to do this well.)

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