Impa Cosplay Postmortem

impa, cosplay, costume, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, gencon, gencon2015

I didn’t post every step of my Impa cosplay creation process, but the costume is 100 percent done! I wore it at GenCon, which took place last weekend, and received a pretty good response – lots of people took pictures and gave shouts outs.

This was my first cosplay, and now that it’s done, I want to review the work I did to hopefully learn. With that in mind, here’s my postmortem:

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Impa’s Gloves

impa, cosplay, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, gloves, fingerless, glove, sewing, pattern, opera

I’ve finished yet another piece of my Impa cosplay! (If you’ve been following my progress at all, you’ve probably notice there are a lot of steps to this thing.) I worked on the gloves little by little, and after stitching some details during a road tip, they’re done! And let me tell you, sewing in a moving vehicle takes some coordination.

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Impa Cosplay: Beginning the Armor


It’s been a couple months since I have worked on my Impa cosplay, but after finishing a dress and moving to a new apartment, I’ve finally had a chance to work again. I’m most nervous about crafting Impa’s armor, as I’ve never done anything like this before – my skills rest in sewing, not props. However, I don’t have time to put it off anymore. It’s just as well; time is a great motivator.

Anyhow, I started off as you should always begin with an unfamiliar project: research.

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