Well Here Goes, I guess

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a new story. It’s a kind of fantasy inspired by a dream I had, and so far I haven’t been sure where to start. I’m trying something new where I create character and plot summaries and expand on them. I have a few plot ideas that revolve around the same cast and I haven’t decided which sounds the best to me. I think I’ll keep pushing ahead with the characters and see where they lead me.

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Victorian Outfit 2: Update

Completed SkirtWell I finished the skirt I was working on, sort of. I like the top (yellow) portion of the skirt the best, but I’m not sure I want to keep the bottom. It’s a piece of white fabric decorated with lace. I gathered it to attach to the bottom of the yellow part, and it also has a strip of horsehair braid to make it billow. I think it ended up being too stiff. I may swap it out for lighter fabric in a ruffle, stacked configuration. We’ll see. For now I’m going to leave it the way it is and move on to the overskirt. Maybe this skirt will look better with the overskirt. Costumes do tend to work best as a whole rather than in pieces.

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Girl Scouts Use Grant to Teach Game Development

Hey all,

I wrote this post for the game developer blog I write for. Hope you like it!


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Vintage Girl Scouts

The video game industry (along with many other tech markets) is dominated by men. This Mad Men sort of world teaches women to take the passenger’s seat when it comes to innovation and design. Fortunately, the Girls Scouts of America is trying to change that.

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Analyzing Our Attachment to Paper Books

ebookThe advent of the e-book has completely changed the business of reading – e-readers are the wood block in a game of Janga that cause the tower to fall. Now that people can download a book without ever touching paper, publishing companies doesn’t know how to price books. How do you charge for something immaterial? Now writers can self publish and people can own entire libraries that you’ll never see. The curious thing, I think, is that there seems to be this moral question looming over the product. And though many are oblivious or indifferent to the battle, there are certainly sides.

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Will Cursive Become a Lost Art?

keyboardI write all my posts on my laptop. Using the keyboard is second nature to me, and I don’t have to look at the keys or even the computer to know that I’m typing the right letters. I feel that my thoughts flow better when I type when when I write by hand. Conversely, I do appreciate lovely handwriting – it’s a sort of art form.  Tennessee lawmakers may agree, to some extent, as they have proposed a bill that would require all students in the state to learn cursive handwriting.

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Creating a Costume

This will be the top part of the skirt.

This will be the top part of the skirt.

I often say I have creativity ADD because I switch between mediums so often. Recently, I felt motivated to begin a new sewing project. I’m going to be making another Victorian outfit to add to my small collection (I hope to have a wardrobe eventually). I got through a good chunk of the skirt today and I’m feeling good about the progress. As soon as I get some sketches drawn a bit farther along, I’ll post photos. For now, Here’s what I’ve got!