The Next Frontier

Affinity Archives Hey blogging world! I come to you today with some fun news. I recently started writing for another blog on WordPress, so now my articles will in two places! Here’s a look at my second web home:

What I’ll be doing
In addition to maintaining A Writer’s Word, I’ll be writing a few articles a week for independent media developers and video game designers, Affinity Archives. I’ll mostly be coving news in the gaming industry, as well as relevant content on art and music. My first article went up Thursday, Feb. 27, and you can check it out here!

More on Affinity Archives
This indy company was founded by game designer Christopher Weiss. The team varies depending on the project. Right now, Affinity Archives is on a bit of a hiatus as they develop new and exciting ideas. I’m excited to work on their blog because it promotes other indy developers and artists. Yes, you’ll get all the updates and cool information on what the company is working on, but you’ll also learn about artists, contests and opportunities you may not have heard of before.

So if you’re interested in video games, independent art or creativity in general, check out my (and the rest of the team’s) articles at Affinity Archives’ blog.


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