Fun Cosplay from GenCon 2015

marceline, what, was, missing, adventure, time, princess, bubblegum

I’ve shared my Impa cosplay, but I witnessed lots more that I wanted to show off. In addition to dressing as Impa, I wore a Marceline outfit from the episode of “Adventure Time” entitled “What Was Missing.” With that in mind, here are some of the photos I took of other cool cosplayers and my second ensemble:

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GenCon 2015 Panel Notes

marceline, adventure, time, cosplay, gencon, 2015


This is me cosplaying as Marceline (more photos to come) at GenCon, a gaming convention in Indianapolis.

And today, my friend and I are presenting at a panel. Our topic: Cosplay, Styling and the Geek-Chic Aesthetic. It’s all about everyday cosplay, what it shares in common with fashion and how it fills social needs. It’s today at 3 p.m., for anyone reading who is at the con.

I’m feeling pretty confident about our presentation, so it’s sure to be a good time! For anyone who wants notes or the slides to check out at home, here’s our presentation. I tried to embed it in my post, but the code wasn’t working. If I can figure it out, I’ll go back and add it to this post.

On its own, the slideshow may not make a ton of sense, so here are my Panel Notes in PDF format.