Cersei Coronation Cosplay Postmortem

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I completed my Cersei coronation gown cosplay about six months ago now, so this is a pretty late postmortem. However, despite all of the time that’s passed, I do still feel proud of the work I did. This has been my most ambitious sewing project yet, and despite the final gown’s flaws, it’s functional and mostly screen accurate.

Here are the thoughts that have marinated in my head over the past six months:

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Cersei Coronation Cosplay: The Pauldrons

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In the season six finale of “Game of Thrones,” Cersei wears two dresses that have the same pattern. The first is her dress when she blows up the sept – it’s made of solid black leather and has epaulettes. The second is her coronation dress, which is made of perforated black leather with pauldrons. I’ve been working on the second dress.

Figuring out how to make the pauldrons admittedly took me longer than I thought, and I messed up a lot. From failed paper patterns to trying Worbla with and without foam, nothing I did seemed to give me the look I wanted. That is, until I finally figured it out. Here’s how I ultimately made the pauldrons:

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