Wii U Link Cosplay: Tunic Mock-up


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After making a pattern for Link’s tunic, I wanted to sew a mock-up. That way, if the pattern wasn’t perfect, I’d make the mistakes on scrap fabric rather than the wool I’ll use for the actual garment – it’s a cost-saving measure.

I used random scraps to put the mock-up together, so it’s a little colorful. Just picture the shirt in all blue.

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Wii U Link Cosplay: Belt Bag Part I

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As far as I can tell from watching the teaser trailer over and over, Link has two belt bags. It’s difficult to see exactly what they look like, other than leather, so the bags are pretty open to interpretation.

I finally got rid of an old messenger bag I had. It was made of leather and canvas, and the fabric had ripped apart. Fortunately, the leather is in great shape! In the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle, I removed the leather and have started using it to make one of Link’s bags.

bag, leather, pieces, diy, upcycle, recycle, sewing, crafting

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

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