Black Petticoat


I made this petticoat to go with the cocktail dress I recently finished. The dress has the A-line ‘50s look, but without a little pouf, it’s not that apparent. I didn’t use a pattern, just winged it after reading some tutorials. So here’s how I sewed my petticoat, which may be a little different than the methods others use:

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Making a 1950s Cocktail Dress Part 2: The Pattern


I haven’t posted any updates in a while, as I’ve been busy (applying for a costuming internship, might I add). But, I finally found some time to get back at that cocktail dress. It’s taken priority over my Impa cosplay for now, as I have only two months to complete it, and I have to make the pattern. And it just so happens that this post is about the creation of the pattern.

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