Making a 1950s Cocktail Dress Part 3: Trial Run


Because this dress is the first time I’m making my own pattern, I want to be sure I do it right – perfectionist tendencies and all. After my last post, I mocked up the pattern I’d made to see what the bodice would actually look like.

Cutting the Pattern

I made this version of the bodice using muslin – can’t waste the good stuff! My favorite part about this bodice is that the pattern includes only three pieces! Talk about easy.


Sewing the Bodice

I used a simple straight stitch with a width of four to quickly put the bodice together. Then, I tried it on. Since it will zip in the back, I had to hold the thing on while my boyfriend took the picture.


For the most part, everything looked great (que sigh of relief)! Ironically, the arm holes were a little small (I made them smaller in my first drapping attempt). You can kind of see the chalk mark I made on my right side where I later adjusted the pattern.

I also intend to drop the waist just a little – that way, it will fall on my body sewn to the skirt where it does without the skirt in this picture.

Revising the Pattern

After marking the bodice, I cut out the pieces in the arm holes. Then, I ripped a few seams on the mock-up bodice and laid them on the pattern pieces. I also traced the  new shape onto the patterns and cut the paper.


With all these adjustments made, I should be ready to go with the actual fabric. I currently have the black lace, but I still have to purchase the nude lining and a zipper. I may also pick up some bias tape (love that stuff).

Till next time!



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