Making a 1950s Cocktail Dress Part 1


My friends are getting married in May, and I decided to make the dress I’ll wear to it. With a couple months until the big day, I ended up buying a dress form from a friend (great timing!). I’ve wanted one for a long time, and after posting my desire to purchase one on Facebook, my friend said she was selling hers. I got it along with some fabric and felt inspired.

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Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 5: Finishing Construction


Guys, I’ve finally finished the construction of Impa’s jumpsuit, and it feels damn good! I still have to distress the legs and paint on the thigh triangles, but the costume is built and wearable. Here’s where I left off in the last post:

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Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 4: Adding Details


Note the trim on her top and the stitches near the cutouts on her legs

When I left off, I had finished the basics of the top and bottom sections separately. They were stitched together and each seam was reinforced. However, before I could put the two together to make the jumpsuit, I had to add some decorative elements.

Impa’s outfit has some details near the neckline: gold and cream trim. Additionally, the arm holes and cutouts on the pants feature long, thick and black stitches (which I sewed by hand). Here’s how I copied the look:

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