The Problematic Subliminal Message of Modesty


I’m usually not one to sermonize my convictions through my personal blog, but when I think my opinions might bring awareness to an issue, I have the perfect platform to educate others. Today, I felt convicted to respond to an article my friend posted on Facebook in the spirit of shedding light on and opening dialogue about an issue. And I decided to write it out – I communicate more clearly in writing than by speaking. I ask you to bear with me, read the whole thing and keep an open mind.

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My Blog Looks Different!


If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you may have noticed the new theme. That’s right, I updated my blog! I was starting to get bored of the other layout, and I wanted a more streamlined design.

On it’s own, I like the new theme I chose (it’s organized, simple and pretty, my kind of look). However, it doesn’t feel like my blog … yet. I’m sure it’ll become home soon enough.

All the content is the same, and I’ll still post about writing, sewing and whatever else I can think of. Stay tuned!

So what do you guys think of the look? Like it? Or was the old theme better?

Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 2: Tackling the Top


Pay attention to the top of her blouse, particularly the arm hole, ’cause that’s what I’m talking about today.

The top/blouse for Impa’s jumpsuit required a lot of figuring things out. I had to alter the pattern by trial and error to get it to look the way I envisioned. After plenty of ripped seams and hours spent bent over my machine, I have (mostly) completed the top section of the jumpsuit. Next I’ll either do the bottom then incorporate decorative elements or vice versa. So we’ll see. Here’s my progress:

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Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 1: Prep Time


After making Impa’s scarf, I thought I’d do the gloves, but I was excited about her jumpsuit and decided to make that next. I found a pattern that has some of the elements of her jumpsuit, though I knew going into it I’d have to make some alterations. However, I enjoy contemplating how I can take what I have and make it all work – it’s the designer, critical-thinker, problem-solver side of me.

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