Love and Legends

dragon carpToday was one of those days in which I alternately felt the actions of my life could inspire those outside of my sphere of influence and that my life is also rather dull and uninspiring.

I love film and I’m a theatre major, so of course, I watched the Oscars Sunday night. Seeing the accomplishments of performers my age and younger put me in a funk. They are up on a stage in front of the world being honored for the achievements they have accomplished in their craft. I was sitting on my coach eating Domino’s. Since that night, I’ve been thinking how I don’t know what I’ll do in May when I graduate. I haven’t gotten far in my job search and I’m not even entirely sure what I want to do with my working life. The options seem endless and so, impossible to grasp.

The funny think about life is that sometimes, when we need some confidence, it finds us. Today I reported on an event at my school. The point was to raise awareness of To Write Love On Her Arms Day (which is March 1st and is in honor of those struggling with depression or who have committed suicide). We had love hennaed on our arms and we wrote love letters to strangers. As I scrawled out thoughts of encouragement, the words reflected back into me. Because of a couple notes I wrote, someone’s day will be better. That’s pretty encouraging.

One note was especially close to me. There’s a Chinese legend that tells of how carps attempt to swim upstream, but few ever make it. Those who do go through the dragon gate and are rewarded for their efforts by being transformed into a dragon. In my letter, I told the legend and assured the receiver that they would be transformed by the struggles in their life and that if they perceived, they will be better for it.

I’ve been wanting to get a carp tattooed on my side in honor of this legend and the message it gives. In the mean time, I have to save up my money. I want to be reminded that though life is difficult, I can make it. The hardships I endure will transform me into someone who is powerful and beautiful.


First Steps

I’ve started a new sewing project and I thought I would share my progress. Bellow is the pattern I’m using. So far, I’ve cut out the pattern pieces for the skirt and washed the fabric I will be using. The skirt shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m more worried about the jacket. I have a while before I get to that though.

As I progress, I’ll add updated photos and information about the project.

Simplicity Pattern

Simplicity Pattern