BotW Link Cosplay: Finishing the Tunic

legend, of, zelda, cosplay, link, botw, breath, of, the wild, sewing, embroidery, tunic

Up until now, I’ve been calling this series “Wii U Link Cosplay,” but now that’s a little outdated. E3 was last week, and we learned that the new Zelda game is going to be called “Breath of the Wild.” So, from this post on, any blogs about my Link costume will be “BotW Link Cosplay.” I could go back and change all the old ones, but that sounds like unnecessary work. I did, however, change the name of the category.

But names aren’t why we’re here! Today, I’m sharing the finished tunic (cue the music for when Link opens a treasure chest).

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Wii U Link Cosplay: Construction and Embellishment Part 2

link, cosplay, legend of zelda, diy, sewing, shoulder pads

Since last I left off on the tunic, I have attached the sleeves to the vest, finished the neck and hemlines, and just about wrapped up the embroidering. Stitching by hand has taken a long time, but I think the effort has been worth the results.

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