Baymax Dress

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After GenCon this year, I needed something fun and easy to sew – shake off that con crunch! I found some fun licensed fabric at Joann, and now here we are! This is how I made a simple sundress featuring Baymax from “Big Hero 6.”

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Gold Shirt for New Year’s

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I used some of my Christmas money to buy sewing and cosplay supplies, which included some sweet gold and black knit fabric. It feels a little like sweater material, and not as rough as it looks. With New Year’s on the way (I bought the fabric the day after Christmas), I decided to make a party shirt. Here’s what I did:

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Fionna’s Hat: Adventure Time

I decided to be Fionna the human (the genderbent Finn from “Adventure Time”) for Halloween. I love the show, Finn is one of my three fictional characters and the costume is easy to put together – mostly just bought pieces. However, I did need to make the bunny hat. It was super easy and a lot of fun. So if you’re planning to make the hat (whether it’s Finn’s or Fionna’s), check out what I did.

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