How to Sew a Circle Skirt

circle, skirt, how, to, sew, cutting, fabric, diy

You guys! It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Between craziness at work and general life obstacles, it took longer to make this skirt than it normally would. So thanks for your patience. I did finally finish making the circle skirt I promised my friend – at last! That being said, here’s the entire process in one post (nice and concise):

Step 1: Fixing the Pattern

I originally drafted a homemade circle skirt pattern for my cocktail dress (check out this post to see how I made it in the first place), but it ended up producing an uneven hemline that was a nightmare to correct once the dress was done. You can see the uneven edges in the photo.

circle, skirt, pattern, sewing, diy, seamstress, how, to, sew

Before anything else, I wanted to make sure the pattern was right. I folded it up a bunch and cut the bottom to form that perfect curve.

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Originally, I wanted to put the zipper up one side, but my fabric forced me to move it to the back. I didn’t have a bolt large enough to accommodate two entire half circles. However, I could finagle the layout to have one half circle and two quarter circles. The two quarters together formed the back half of the circle.

My dream house has a craft room with a table large enough to cut large pieces of fabric, but, unfortunately, I don’t live in that house. I cut out my pattern on my kitchen floor – whatever works, right? I cut the circle for the waist intentionally small so I could adjust it later to fit my friend.

I also cut a long strip to use as the waistband.

Step 3: Simple Stitching

Circle skirts are one of the most straightforward garment-sewing projects you can tackle. In fact, you can get away with a total of three seams and a hem if you really want.

I did a little more than that, and I followed my usual pattern of making the inside of the garment as pretty as the outside (at least, as far as finished seams go).

I used my serger to do many of the seams, as it finishes and stitches simultaneously – the machine was worth the investment since it saves me so much time. I used my normal sewing machine to attach bias tape and stitch part of the waistband to the skirt.

In the photo, you can see the waistband. I attached biased tape to one side (the side that goes against the skin) and folded it in half. I pressed the fabric on the fold, then stitched the raw side to the skirt.

circle, skirt, waistband, sewing, how, to, sew, diy

Step 4: Finishing Touches

With everything in place, I added the zipper and hemmed the bottom using a rolled hem – ahh, sergers!

Originally, I wanted to add black tuxedo stripes up the side seams, but after looking at the skirt, I decided not to. The folds of the dress would just hide the stripes. Instead, I attached black fabric to the waist band to make the black zipper (I internally picked the contrasting color) and thread in the hem pop.  I’m pretty happy with the choice. The photo was taken from the back.

circle, skirt, waist, black, and, white, zipper, contrast, sewing, how, to, sew, diy

I would put the skirt on and show you how it looks that way, but since it’s for a friend, it doesn’t fit me. So, on the dress form it is!

circle, skirt, vintage, modern, sewing, how, to, sew, diy


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