Why I Love Stories

Everybody has that story. The one that gets you no matter how many times you’ve heard, read or seen it. The one that tugs at your heart, that makes you laugh and cry and fight. Stories are powerful. They help us get through the parts of life we feel we cannot master. To me, stories are voice that pushes us onward, the hand that pulls us to our feet, the motivation that gets us out of bed.

I was reminded today why I love to write. It is the medium with which I best tell stories. I think my life dream – more than to write – is to create the kinds of stories, myths, what-have-you that do that for someone else. So first of all, thank you to all the story tellers that have helped me along. Your books, shows, films and art have shaped me. Second, I hope to join your ranks. See you there.


My New Year’s Resolution

We’re a few days away from 2014. A lot has happened for me in the last year and though some of it was hard, most of it was rewarding. I traveled to California in March, graduated college in May, was in my best friend’s wedding in July, got a full time job in September and moved into my own apartment in December – among other things.

One year ago, my 2013 resolution was to have a full time salary job and to move out. I accomplished both of those goals so I’m pretty proud of myself. I want to use that feeling of triumph, of “I did it,” to keep the ball rolling in 2014. Until this year, I was never one to set resolutions. But now that I found some things I really want, I think committing to getting them is an amazing opportunity.

In 2014 I want to start and finish a writing project. I don’t yet know what that means. I might be a novel, a short story, a graphic novel or some other thing, but in one year’s time I want to have completed a project that will bring me closer to my mountain. The first step, of course, is figuring out what it is I want to create. I suppose brainstorming can be a part of the whole journey. We’ll see.

So here’s looking ahead, hoping that my dreams to be creative writer will be closer next year.

Happy New Year’s everybody! I hope you chase your goals.

Decorating a new apartment

I moved into a new apartment last week and am in the process of turning it into a home. I’ve realized a few things; I don’t have much stuff, lighting is super important and taste and comfort aren’t always the same.

I don’t have much stuff
This place feels empty to me. Granted, I don’t have all the basics yet. I still need a kitchen table and chairs. a sofa and book cases. However, I thought the furniture I did have would be enough to fill the living space. It’s amazing how big a studio apartment can seem when it’s not filled. I think I’ll feel cozier in this place once I’ve gotten all the essential furnishings – plus some more decorations.

Lighting is super important
I’m all cutting my energy consumption, but fluorescent bulbs are so uncomfortable. The cool light makes a room feel industrial. I have a few lamps with CFLs and a couple with incandescent. When I want to feel cozy, I use the latter. It’s amazing how instantly relaxed I feel when I make the switch. I do have  a strand of LED lights that have a warm glow. Those are awesome! So I think I have to start looking for darker lampshades to put over the CFLs or switch to yellow LED. I want to be energy conscious and comfy as best as possible.

Taste and comfort aren’t always the same
I imagined my apartment to be strict mid-century modern  in design. I realized that this wouldn’t happen immediately, as I’m still getting furniture and decorations. But I saw it in the near future. However, as I start to put my room together, I realize that might not be the atmosphere that puts me at ease. While I love to look at mid-century modern design, I’m feeling most comfortable in a more modern rustic room. It’s a bit surprising how my taste preference is different in idea versus execution.