Wii U Link Cosplay: Undershirt Mockup

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Normally, I would test out a new pattern with a mockup garment – basically, using cheap fabric to make sure everything lays right. But, I just used the fabric I purchased for the undershirt and basted the piece with loose stitches. Overall, I think I did a good job on the pattern.

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Wii U Link Cosplay: Undershirt Pattern

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Nintendo released a teaser for the new Legend of Zelda title at E3 in 2014. Though not much more is known about the game, I do know I want to cosplay as that version of Link. If you remember, the Internet blew up over this hero’s blue tunic and feminine features. I like the character design mostly because Link is carrying a bow. I’d love to see a Zelda game in which the player starts the game with a bow rather than a sword. After all, most average people in the middle ages would use a bow for hunting.

Anyway, I bought some fabric at a New Year’s day sale and started working. Because it’s so straightforward, I decided to begin with the undershirt. I made my own pattern for it, and here’s how I did it:

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Sewing Throw Pillows

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Happy New Year! My first project of 2016 has been sewing throw pillows. You may recall me mentioning an upholstery project a while back – progress on that is slow going (so many staples!), so I jumped to something else in the meantime. I used the extra upholster fabric to make matching throw pillows. Eventually, the pillows and chair will match and my living room will look less random than it does now. But I went with the pillow project because its fast and easy, and I needed work like that to spring me into the next year.

I have a lot planned for 2016 (including more cosplay), so I wanted to start the year off running.  Here’s how I made my pillows:

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