Writers’ Block: Myth or Fact?

Last weekend I attended GenCon, which is a gaming convention held in Indianapolis. While most of the goings on revolved around board games and RPGs, numerous authors attended the con, offering their insights during panels. I spent most of my time at these panels, learning more about the craft of writing. My general takeaway was that I didn’t learn much new information, but by being inundated with information, my motivation was sparked.

The panel on writers’ block was especially interesting. Most of the panelists agreed that the condition, defined by the inability to work due to lack of inspiration, does not, in fact, exist in the way we think it does. And in many ways, I agree. Here’s why:

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Fancy Ambitions: Designing a Ballgown


As I have completed my big annual summer sewing project, I decided I want to move onto something else. Something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile: a ballgown. And not just any ballgown, a Victorian one. I finally received the patterns I’ll use, and I have one of the fabrics. Here’s a look at what’s up next in my sewing project lineup:

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