How I Plan My Cosplay

Hey beautiful people,

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks because I’m pushing out a dress last minute. So while I’m on hiatus from working on my Link cosplay, I figured I’d share some of my organizing and planning secrets (clearly, I’m procrastinating).

Anyone who knows me is aware how much I LOVE organizing – I enjoy making order out of chaos, what can I say? With that in mind, here’s how I plan my cosplays:

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The Art of Productive Procrastination: Beginnings

Orvieto It’s confession time: Whenever I don’t know what to do with a new idea or am scared to start working, I procrastinate by reading a book about the craft of writing. I like to call it “Productive procrastination.” I’m leaning something that can help me grow as a writer while simultaneously avoiding my current project. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m reading a new book. This time, it’s “The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop: A Guide to the Craft of Fiction.”

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It’s a Great Big (Literary) World, and Other Thoughts

Go read this, creators!

Go read this, creators!

I think I need to attend conventions. Writing ones where authors and agents gather to tell you how your story can be “fixed.” Though I say it with a bit of sarcasm, I really do feel I need to get connected to the literary community if I ever have hopes of publishing something. Networking is the way to get noticed, or so they say. That fact feels rather daunting for me, as I am inherently introverted. The idea of walking up to some strong agent and pitching my stories is more than a little frightening.

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Well Here Goes, I guess

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a new story. It’s a kind of fantasy inspired by a dream I had, and so far I haven’t been sure where to start. I’m trying something new where I create character and plot summaries and expand on them. I have a few plot ideas that revolve around the same cast and I haven’t decided which sounds the best to me. I think I’ll keep pushing ahead with the characters and see where they lead me.

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Analyzing Our Attachment to Paper Books

ebookThe advent of the e-book has completely changed the business of reading – e-readers are the wood block in a game of Janga that cause the tower to fall. Now that people can download a book without ever touching paper, publishing companies doesn’t know how to price books. How do you charge for something immaterial? Now writers can self publish and people can own entire libraries that you’ll never see. The curious thing, I think, is that there seems to be this moral question looming over the product. And though many are oblivious or indifferent to the battle, there are certainly sides.

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Dear Readers,

To those out there that have a passion in life,

Keep at it! I watched a video today that featured someone who clearly has talent. For some reason, this fun little video moved me. Here I am, sitting on my bed, playing video games and bumming around the internet when I stumble upon a person who has mastered something. I know I’m young and I can’t expect to have reached the 10,000 hours it takes to perfect a skill, but I don’t feel like I’m putting many more hours into it.

I do have some. I write all day at my 9 to 5  job and by the end of it I feel like my ability to form coherent sentences has been used up. Ergo, I avoid writing anything for my own benefit, fearing it will suck and just be a waste of time anyway.

I don’t feel creatively motivated right now, but I also don’t look for inspiration. I let myself slip into consumer land where I just take in a bunch of nonsense instead of filling my time with the pursuit of something meaningful (damn you, Netflix!)

However, I need to get myself out of this place one way or another. My resolution for 2014 is to complete a writing project. As of right now, I haven’t even started. In fact, I have no ideas! I’ve got a long way to go…

Staying positive
It’s hard for me to stay positive when looking at where I’m at now. How am I supposed to suddenly generate a worth while idea anyhow? I guess the best I can do is just write and hope it comes to me. Or I can write something mediocre and learn some skills for the next time around.

I can also look for inspiration. I need some good films, exciting art or creative novels to set me on the right track.

Do your thing
If you’ve got a passion in life, you need to pursue it! It’s people like you who motivate the rest of us. Like that kid dancing in the video, I want to see your work.