I Need to Brainstorm

I’ve decided to plan more creative time into my schedule to work on a new writing project. The only problem is that I have no idea what to write. Even though I’ve gotten back in the reading groove, I’m lacking inspiration. I’m wondering what other writers do to brainstorm new ideas. Once I have an idea, I can usually develop it.

There are countless blogs and wiki pages on “10 tips for brainstorming” but I need a real spark. So I’m calling out to other writers to see what has worked for you. If you have tips or sure-fire strategies that have worked for you, leave a comment.

What I really need is a dream. A lot of my story ideas are based on crazy wonderful dreams I’ve had. Guess I need to get going on that. Maybe this post compiled of random thoughts will help…maybe. Doubtful. Hmmm….there are also photos. Looking at art can sometimes inspire me. Music is always good.

Anyhow, I’ll keep working on brainstorming. I’ll have to start writing without direction and see where it goes.


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