Well Here Goes, I guess

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

What my workspace looks like at Caribou

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a new story. It’s a kind of fantasy inspired by a dream I had, and so far I haven’t been sure where to start. I’m trying something new where I create character and plot summaries and expand on them. I have a few plot ideas that revolve around the same cast and I haven’t decided which sounds the best to me. I think I’ll keep pushing ahead with the characters and see where they lead me.

Fear of failing
I put off working on this because I’m frightened that my ideas are no good. Bad writing can be fixed, but a bad idea is dead in the water. But how am I supposed to know if my ideas are any good? Well, that’s the questions isn’t it? I often let the “I don’t know that this idea is worth my time” thought keep me from trying to write the story. This time, I’m just going to go for it. I’ve got to write a bunch of terrible shit before I make something good, right? Even if I trash this story later, at least I’ll have learned something.

Coffee and folk
I just finished character descriptions for the cast I have so far. I’m sitting in a coffee shop listening to folk music and trying to picture the world of the story. I’ve been here for a couple hours now and I finally feel like I’m getting back in the grove. I love being a writer. I love creating! I could do this every day, so I guess it’s a good sign.

Here are quick sketches I did of two of the characters. Enjoy!

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)


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