Impa’s Armor: Part 1

impa, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, armor, eva, foam, spray, paint

Last I wrote about Impa’s armor, I had done a bunch of research. Since then, I’ve gotten about halfway through. I created patterns, cut the foam, and prepped most pieces. Now for some more detail!

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Impa Cosplay: Chest Binder

chest, binder, impa, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, costuming, costume, sewing, stitching, pattern, making

I had to take a break from making armor for a while (it’s a really tedious process, you guys!), so I went back to my roots – ahhh, my good old sewing machine! The last major stitching project was the chest binder, which you barely see on Impa’s costume. However, it’s still an important part.

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