Fancy Ambitions: Designing a Ballgown


As I have completed my big annual summer sewing project, I decided I want to move onto something else. Something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile: a ballgown. And not just any ballgown, a Victorian one. I finally received the patterns I’ll use, and I have one of the fabrics. Here’s a look at what’s up next in my sewing project lineup:

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To the Renaissance Faire and Beyond!

Hello Blogosphere! It’s been awhile. While I’ve been away from my wordpress, I’ve been working on costumes, most notably for Steampunk Day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I tend to make more historically inspired pieces than alternative history ones, but it all works out. I attended the faire yesterday, July 19, and had a wonderful time, so I thought I’d share pictures of my outfit and the day.

My costume

I bought a historic pattern online and decided to tackle that first. It’s a Victorian overskirt that requires several techniques I’ve never tried, until now: bustling and pleating. While the pattern’s instructions were poorly written at best, the skirt itself was rather simple to make.

green skirt

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A Faire Job

I had the pleasure of debuting my first ever Victorian outfit made by my hands. I went to the Renaissance Faire last weekend and some good feedback. A couple strangers asked to take photos, a guy examined the stitching, and I felt quite satisfied. Here’s the final product after months of work and sewing on buttons in the car. I’ll have more up close and detailed photos of the garments soon, but this is the overall composition.