Twin Peaks Log Pillow

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One of my friends asked me to make a pillow that looks like a log. Her husband is a huge fan of “Twin Peaks,” and he loves pillows, so the project would be the perfect Christmas gift for him (that’s right, I made this in December!). This project was fun and easy – the kind of thing that’s relaxing when working on more complex things, like cosplay. Whether you enjoy the show or just want to see how to make a log pillow, here’s what I did:

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Sewing Throw Pillows

sewing, throw, pillows, how, to, sew, pillow, home, decor, diy

Happy New Year! My first project of 2016 has been sewing throw pillows. You may recall me mentioning an upholstery project a while back – progress on that is slow going (so many staples!), so I jumped to something else in the meantime. I used the extra upholster fabric to make matching throw pillows. Eventually, the pillows and chair will match and my living room will look less random than it does now. But I went with the pillow project because its fast and easy, and I needed work like that to spring me into the next year.

I have a lot planned for 2016 (including more cosplay), so I wanted to start the year off running.  Here’s how I made my pillows:

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