A-line Box-Pleat Skirt

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I needed a break from the pressure of working on cosplay, so I took an evening to make a simple skirt. I used some leftover red fabric that would pair perfectly with a new Miyazaki T-shirt I just got. Here’s what I did:

Cutting Rectangles

First, I cut out two identical rectangles. I didn’t really measure how long they were, but they were probably about twice or three times my waist size (I think?). I then cut one of the rectangles in half to be the back left and right. The whole rectangle was the skirt front.

I used my second cutting mat as a straightedge. As for the length, I measured where I wanted the hem to land on my legs and made the rectangles that long.

Adding Pleats

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I’m not a math person, so instead of calculating how long each of my box pleat folds should be, I just winged it. I used my slide ruler to make sure every pleat was the same. Each were about 4 inches wide with about 2 inch folds.

I then pinned the pleats in place and baste stitched the waist.


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I measured my waist, then cut a long rectangle on a fold to be the band. I ironed on interfacing to the wrong side, then folded the band lengthwise, right side on right side. I then sewed along the folded edge.

To give the waistband a finished look, I understitched the top before attaching just one edge of the band to the skirt.


I bought a red invisible zipper and attached it, but it broke the first time I tried on the skirt. So that sucked. Fortunately, instillation with the second zipper went well.

If you’re learning how to install an invisible zipper, I suggest this video by YouTuber Coolipra. The method she uses works like a charm and her explanation is easy to follow.


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