Fun Cosplay from GenCon 2015

marceline, what, was, missing, adventure, time, princess, bubblegum

I’ve shared my Impa cosplay, but I witnessed lots more that I wanted to show off. In addition to dressing as Impa, I wore a Marceline outfit from the episode of “Adventure Time” entitled “What Was Missing.” With that in mind, here are some of the photos I took of other cool cosplayers and my second ensemble:


marceline, cosplay, costume, outfit, adventure, time, what, was, missing

I picked this outfit because I already owned an obscenely large sun hat. It was a gift from someone I received a few years ago and never wore. I had considered getting rid of it, but I’m glad I didn’t. Likewise, I already owned the boots, which I had also considered donating in the past.

All I had to do was purchase the shirt, pants, gloves, teeth (which were awesome), and wig. The wig was from Arda, a shop based in my city. I got a pretty plain one then did some cutting and styling – not that you can see any of that under the hat.

Overall, I liked the outfit and had a great time wearing it. People recognized me right away.

Bonus funny story: I popped the teeth out to eat and drink at a bar after the con, and I set them down on a coaster. I intended to put them back in after I finished my meal, but totally forgot. Fast forward to when I was reapplying my lipstick and realized I could, for the first time that day, actually rub my lips together.

My friend called the bar, and they found the teeth and held them for me. A day or so later, I went back to the bar and had to ask a random bar tender if he had vampire teeth. It was an awkward experience, but definitely fun for everyone at the bar who heard my strange request.

To his credit, that bar tender got a kick out of it, especially when he had to all a co-worker for more info.

Lots of Zelda

I mostly took photos of fellow Zelda franchise cosplayers. This Zelda team was the first one I asked for photos – until then, I was too nervous to ask others for a shot. Requesting photos seems to be a normal thing with cosplaying, but I wasn’t used to it, so it threw me off and required some getting used to.

gender, bend, link, zelda, cosplay, costume, legend, of, hyrule,

This second group asked for my picture, and since they were a bunch of Links, I just had to return the compliment! The two on the left are half of a Four Swords party.

link, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, costumes, costume, four, swords, adventures, crossplay, gender, bend

We were waiting in line at a Starbucks, and after taking pictures, we all started chatting. It made the hour-long wait (yes, 1 hour!) much more bearable – thanks guys!

There were some other amazing cosplayers I didn’t have the guts to talk too (so much regret!). For instance, I saw a ’20s Loki complete with beaded cape. Overall, GenCon has some talented patrons and I had a great time seeing their work.


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