Labor Day Fabric Haul

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I’m never one to pass up a good sale on fabric, especially since I always have new project ideas brewing in the back of my head. Labor Day was the perfect excuse to get fabric I need for future projects at a low price, so here’s what I got:

Circle Skirt

I’ve been toying around with what I could use to make the circle skirt I owe my friend. (If you recall from an earlier post, she did the makeup for my portfolio site photo shoot, and I’m making her a skirt in return.) She wears a lot of black and jewel tones, so I wanted to find fabric that would match the existing pieces in her wardrobe. Black could work, but she has tons of black tops.

cream, fabric, fashion, circle, skirt, sewing, diy, how , to

Instead, I picked cream. I’m going to use this for most of the skirt, then add black tuxedo stripes down each side for a little flash of dark that match black tops.

I was inspired by a blazer I recently bought that combines cream and black. I already have black fabric for the stripes, so I purchased the cream on sale!


vintage, chair, upholstery, reupholster, black, wood, diy

My dad snagged me a free chair a year or so ago, and it has a vintage, herringbone look. However, the wood is all beat up and some of the vinyl is falling apart. Instead of getting rid of the chair, I wanted to revive it.

I’ve never worked on furniture before, but I might as well go for it! Mid century is my favorite design era, so I’m going to bring the chair back to that time. I’ll sand and refinish the legs, and use the fabric I bought for the chair.

upholstery, fabric, reuphoster, gray, mod, pattern, dots, polka, diy, vintage

The fabric has a dotted mod pattern in a warm gray and cream. Not only will it fit my vision, but it matches the other tones in my living room – plus, I got it 40 percent off, which is awesome, considering the normal price of upholstery fabric.

upholstery, reupholster, chair, black, vintage, mod, fabric, retro, mid, century, mid-century, diy


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