Project Reports

upholstery, fabric, reuphoster, gray, mod, pattern, dots, polka, diy, vintage

I have a few projects in the pipeline, and with so much going on, you may wonder where things are and how far they’ve come.  Here’s a progress report of the two items I have in the works:

Pleated Dress

dress, red, sewing, draping, drape, dress, form, dressform, pattern, fashion, scizzors,

Where I am: I haven’t worked on this one in a while, but I hope to increase momentum. So far, I’ve draped my design and cut out the pieces.

Next steps: Next I have to create paper pattern pieces with the draped fabric. I’ll add a seam allowance and adjust for my size – my dress form is close to my dress size, but it has more of an hourglass figure than I do, so I have to account for that. Typically, that means adding more room at the waist.

Vintage Chair

upholstery, reupholster, chair, black, vintage, mod, fabric, retro, mid, century, mid-century, diy

Where I am: Re-upholstering may be sewing, per se, but it is a fabric-related DIY project. What’s more, this is my first time attempting it (what can I say? I like trying new crafts).

So far, I’ve removed the staples and fabric from the seat. The foam and batting are in great shape, so I can reuse them if I want. I’m not sure whether I will, though. New foam may make the chair softer. We’ll see.

I’ve learned that furniture has tons of staples – it’s unbelievable. After every sitting, I have a pile of rusted staples on my floor.  That’s actually how I know this chair is so old. With the foam in great shape, I would have thought it’s newer, but some staples are so fragile they just fell apart.

reupholster, upholster, upholstery, chair, vintage, retro, DIY, crafting, fabric, home, decor

Next steps: First, I have to remove the staples and fabric from the arms and back. Then, I have to sand, stain and refinish the wood before adding new fabric. Once it’s done, it’ll match my living room perfectly, so I’m looking forward to the final product.

I also bought enough fabric to make pillows, which I’ll put on my sofa to tie-in the chair.


I just jumped onboard for a game-development project a few of my friends started. They’re handling all the mechanics (numbers are not my forte), and I’ll help with the writing and some of the design portion. I’m incredibly excited, but that means I may not have a ton of sewing content to share in the next month (though I’ll certainly try to make time for it).



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