Cersei Coronation Cosplay: The Underskirt

I’m finally getting back into cosplay. I took a hiatus after GenCon, but I’m back in action, trying to finish this next project for C2E2 in April. As the title suggests, I’m making Cersei’s coronation gown from season six of “Game of Thrones.” I love this dress so much. It tells me everything I need to know about Cersei’s state of mind with just a glance, and that’s exactly what great design does. So this cosplay is my love letter to the amazing costume design.

Anyway, the first step was making an underskirt. The dress only hooks closed from the neck to the waist, leaving the bottom of the skirt open. In some shots, it splits apart, giving us a peak of the underskirt. I wanted to use a fabric that had some texture but wouldn’t distract from the dress. So, I went with a thick black fabric that had a velvety design on it. My camera had a difficult time picking up the print, so sorry for the lack of detail.

Additionally, the underskirt is a necessary part of this costume because it hides the petticoat. The dress has a bit of a bell shape, which I can’t achieve without foundational garments.

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Twin Peaks Log Pillow

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One of my friends asked me to make a pillow that looks like a log. Her husband is a huge fan of “Twin Peaks,” and he loves pillows, so the project would be the perfect Christmas gift for him (that’s right, I made this in December!). This project was fun and easy – the kind of thing that’s relaxing when working on more complex things, like cosplay. Whether you enjoy the show or just want to see how to make a log pillow, here’s what I did:

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Fionna’s Hat: Adventure Time

I decided to be Fionna the human (the genderbent Finn from “Adventure Time”) for Halloween. I love the show, Finn is one of my three fictional characters and the costume is easy to put together – mostly just bought pieces. However, I did need to make the bunny hat. It was super easy and a lot of fun. So if you’re planning to make the hat (whether it’s Finn’s or Fionna’s), check out what I did.

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