Titans Noir Cosplay: Construction

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I’m a little late posting this, but in edition to my Link cosplay, my friends and I did a group costume inspired by Teen Titans. Instead of going representational, we did a mashup with the classic film noir aesthetic and tropes – that means 1940s fashion!

I cosplayed as a ’40s Starfire. She’s always been my favorite from the show from the early 2000s. She’s cute, smart and strong, a combination I don’t always see and feel like culture says doesn’t exist (woman are usually portrayed as pretty and weak or strong and not traditionally feminine). Her character showed me I could be intelligent and strong, whether it was obvious on the outside or not.

I didn’t capture much of the construction for this cosplay (sorry, gang), but here’s what I do have:

The Dress

I purchased a vintage-inspired pattern to use for my costume. I liked this pattern because the collar area is a separate piece, allowing me to use two different fabrics: purple and silver. Starfire’s show outfit has a purple crop top, gloves, boots and skirt with a metal collar.

The pattern also had a spot to attach a green brooch, which replicated Starfire’s green gems.

It took me a while to find a fabric I liked. I wanted a muted, dusty purple, since fabrics in the ’40s weren’t very saturated, I finally found a good match at a fabric warehouse sale. Of course, that meant I needed to buy the entire bolt, so I have a ton of leftover fabric. I’ll probably use it for a fashion project later.

The Gloves

I purchased vintage fashion/driving gloves from Etsy. They’re a dusty purple that matched the fabric I purchased.

I stitched on green brooches to act as the gems on Starfire’s gloves. They were a smaller version of the brooch on the dress.

The Shoes

I looked for purple pumps to stand in for Star’s boots, but everything I found cost more than I wanted to spend. So, I painted a pair of black dance shoes I already had. The paint only cost about $10. My research suggested using fabric paint because it’s flexible and won’t crack – that later proved to be true.

dance, shoes, starfire, film, noir, fabric, paint, purple, teen, titans, 1940s, pumps, how, to, paint, shoes

It took about four layers of paint to get the saturation I wanted. I mixed purple, white and silver to get the correct color. I also painted the heel and base silver. Overall, it worked out great – and was cheap!

pumps, starfire, shoes, purple, 1940s, vintage, fabric, paint, how, to, paint, shoes, teen, titans

The Wig

This wig is my new favorite wig. It’s a lace front from Arda Wigs (Matilda in Crimson), and it’s style beautifully! I didn’t have to do anything except move the part. It’s basically what I wish my hair looked like naturally.

I wanted a hairstyle like Veronica Lake’s. She’s a classic film start with that iconic sultry, vintage look. I think the Matilda delivered!


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