New Social Channels


I’ve toyed with the idea of putting together “official” cosplay pages for a while, and I’ve finally done it! I now have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook dedicated to my cosplay content. That way, you can follow on your favorite platform to see what I’m up to before I take the time to writer these blog posts. Here’s what you’ll see on each:


This blog will stay the same. It’s my dedicated tutorial space where I lay out how I made the things I did. I’ll also link to resources I use and answer comments.



Handle: @penandneedle

Twitter is is my space for quick thoughts and sharing photos and news. I’ll do a lot more reposting on Twitter to show you guys what I’m into or what fun stuff is going on in the cosplay community. It’ll also be where I give you a heads up on upcoming blog posts or videos (t come).



Handle: @penandneedlecosplay

So far, I’ve been most active on Instagram. Cosplay is visual, after all, so it’s just a natural fit. I’ll be sharing shoot photos, in-progress posts and even a few selfies/shots of me in real life. My Instagram is linked to this blog, too, so you can see the posts on the right side of the page while you’re reading my blog.

I’ll update Instagram faster than my blog, just because writing posts takes time. So if you’re curious about what I’m working on right now, that’s the place to look.



Handle: penandneedlecosplay

TBH, I’m still figuring out Tumblr. I’m not sure what I’ll put there. Right now, I have a quick and easy tutorial. The more I mess with it, the better idea I’ll have of what I want it to become. Stay tuned!



Handle: @penandneedlecosplay

I’ve been sharing a lot of my blog posts on Facebook, along with some photos. As I ramp it up, I’ll mess with Live, share some cosplay news stories, etc.

Bonus: Future Plans

I’m working on developing a YouTube channel right now, so that should be up before the end of the year. I need to solidify the type of content I want to share before I build it out, though. Right now I’m thinking tutorial, basic sewing tips and vlogs.


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