BotW Link Cosplay: The Bow


wood, wooden, bow, archery, link, cosplay, costume. weapon, props, diy, worbla, craft, foam, acrylic, paint, painting, breath, of, the, wild, legend, of, zeldaI’m a bit of an overachiever, so I tend to load work on myself at the last minute if I think I can pull it together. Such is the case with Link’s bow. I wasn’t planning on making it for GenCon due to time constraints, but I changed my mind when I saw a plain, wood weapon online. So, I bought and have since transformed it into the bow from Breath of the Wild. Here’s how:

The Raw Bow

wood, bow, wooden, archery, cosplay, costume, diy, link, breath, of, the, wild, legend, of, zelda

I found the bow on Amazon, and all of reviewers basically said the same thing: It’s not a functioning hunting bow, but it’s great for costumes. Perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted. Plus, it was cheap and came with arrows.

It also came with a small box that they listed as a “quiver,” but there’s no way it’s big enough to hold the arrows, so I guess it’s scrap wood now.

Adding the Details

wood, bow, wooden, archery, cosplay, costume, diy, link, breath, of, the, wild, legend, of, zelda, worbla

OK so full disclosure: It took me longer than I’m proud to admit to figure out how best to cover the bow. I tried cutting out Worbla and attaching it, but the plastic on its own didn’t hold the shape well enough. Then I thought about building up mass with styrofoam and coating that in Worbla. That didn’t work.

Finally, I decided to do the sandwich technique I used for my bracer in which I cover craft foam on both sides with heated Worbla. That’s the obvious choice, and somehow I still didn’t come to it right away. This is what happens when I’m stressed and low on time. Oh well! It’s all good now.

wood, bow, wooden, archery, cosplay, costume, diy, link, breath, of, the, wild, legend, of, zelda, worbla, craft, foam

The sandwich technique worked perfectly! The shape is right and the surface is smooth. After adding Worbla details, priming with wood glue and sanding, I painted the pieces using metallic acrylic paint. I also lined all of the details with black and painted white on top to make them pop. For more on the process of using Worbla, check out my bracer post.

Once that was done, I wrapped the handle in leather leftover from my gloves. I also wrapped the ends with linen to get the look of Link’s bow in the game.

I’m very happy with how the bow turned out. I think it has great color and texture, and looks convincing as Link’s weapon.


link, cosplay, legend, of, zelda, breath, of, the, wild, arrow, bow, archery, worbla, thermoplastic, cosplayer, how, to, paint

3 thoughts on “BotW Link Cosplay: The Bow

  1. I’d love to make the bow. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make it by my next con (end of the month) because of other obligations. I’d probably be able to work on and finish it by the time my next con in late September/early October comes around. Nice job as always! 🙂

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