Wii U Link Cosplay: Tunic Mock-up


link, cosplay, legend, of, zelda, diy, sewing

After making a pattern for Link’s tunic, I wanted to sew a mock-up. That way, if the pattern wasn’t perfect, I’d make the mistakes on scrap fabric rather than the wool I’ll use for the actual garment – it’s a cost-saving measure.

I used random scraps to put the mock-up together, so it’s a little colorful. Just picture the shirt in all blue.


Just like the undershirt, the tunic consists of four pieces of fabric: a front and back piece, and two sleeves.

For the most part, the tunic fit fine. I made some adjustments to the shape of hem to better mimic the illustrations I’ve seen of Link.

I’ve contemplated shortening the shoulders (you probably can’t see the chalk markings I made on the garment). However, I’m worried that if I tighten the tunic, my feminine figure will show through, and I’m crossplaying. So, I’m leaving it a little large.

link, cosplay, legend, of, zelda, diy, sewing

In fact, I plan to re-enforce the shoulders so they stick out. I’m hoping this will give the illusion that I have a broader chest.

Overall, this mock-up was smooth. I didn’t have to adjust for fit and the sleeves were the right size. The whole process only took a couple of hours – it probably would have taken less time, but I was distracted by “This American Life.”

Now I just have to order the actual fabric … until then!

link, cosplay, legend, of, zelda, diy, sewing

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