Wii U Link Cosplay: Draping the Tunic

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Unlike the undershirt I made last month, I want to take my time with the tunic. It’s the eye-catcher of Link’s outfit, the garment that pulls his whole look together. So, I started by draping and then drafting a pattern.


Historically speaking, tunics are rather boxy. They come from an era before tailoring really became a thing and are the natural next step after draped Roman attire. Basically, they’re a folded rectangle with seams and sleeves. That makes draping easier than other, more complex garments.

I simply hung my fabric off my dress form and drew on the seams I wanted. After some trimming, I came up with a front and back panel.

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Even though the tunic is going to basically be a rectangle, I wanted it somewhat fitted. After all, the images of Link released so far show the tunic to be formfitting (which is typical of Nintendo’s character design for this iconic hero). Of course, I’ll be trying to conceal my feminine figure, so a little extra room is also good. I’ll have to play around with the mock-up to get the fit I’m after.

legend, of, zelda, link, cosplay, diy, sewing, how, to, sew, drape

Pattern Making

I used the drapped pieces and a T-shirt I own to draft a pattern on tissue paper. My dress form is a little smaller than I am, so I needed another reference for size and length. Ideally, this tunic’s hem will reach my upper thigh.

legend, of, zelda, link, cosplay, diy, sewing, how, to, sew, drape, pattern

The front piece also has a box-like neckline to mimic the references I’ve found of Link. I’ll add a slit down the center later, which will be closed off with laces – very medieval.

legend, of, zelda, link, cosplay, diy, sewing, how, to, sew, drape

My next steps will include sewing a mock-up, which I’m sure I’ll have to tweak. Using the adjusted mock-up, I’ll create a finalized pattern and, finally, cut up the actual fabric I plan to use – yeah, this is definitely a process.


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