Wii U Link Cosplay: Undershirt Pattern

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Nintendo released a teaser for the new Legend of Zelda title at E3 in 2014. Though not much more is known about the game, I do know I want to cosplay as that version of Link. If you remember, the Internet blew up over this hero’s blue tunic and feminine features. I like the character design mostly because Link is carrying a bow. I’d love to see a Zelda game in which the player starts the game with a bow rather than a sword. After all, most average people in the middle ages would use a bow for hunting.

Anyway, I bought some fabric at a New Year’s day sale and started working. Because it’s so straightforward, I decided to begin with the undershirt. I made my own pattern for it, and here’s how I did it:


As with any other project I sew, I started with research. I want to draw a lot of construction inspiration from medieval European clothing, as the character design for Zelda games seems to do the same – Link’s clothing is essentially hosen, an undershirt, a tunic and boots with some light armor.

Tunics are rather simple. They have few seams and mainly follow a box shape. Generally, they have shoulder, side and sometimes arm seams. I drew inspiration from Saxon tunics, but made mine a little straighter.

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While Zelda seems to be medieval-inspired, this iteration certainly stands out. From Link’s laser arrows to the mechanical creature stalking him, it’s clear the game’s setting is a little more fantastic than the rest of the series. For this reason, I decided to streamline a lot of the pieces – you’ll see that even more later when I make the hosen.

Pattern Drafting

Instead of draping the pattern like I normally would, I took the faster route and just drew the pattern on grid paper. Because the tunic is so boxy, straight grid lines were the perfect platform to draft.

I took measurements of a few of my shirts that fit me in the way I want this undershirt to and used those to create my pattern. As usually, I added a few inches for seam allowance.

legend, of, zelda, wii, u, link, undershirt, tunic, pattern, sewing, cosplay, diy

I drafted the shirt in it’s entirety, then cut it in half to create two patterns – the back and front. That ensured everything would be symmetrical and fit together.

legend, of, zelda, wii, u, link, undershirt, tunic, pattern, sewing, cosplay, diy

As you can see, I the pattern includes three pieces in all: bodice front, bodice back and the sleeves. I also noted where to cut on a fold. When it’s done, the undershirt should be just long enough to tuck into pants. I’m also considering embroidering the sleeves, but I haven’t decided yet.

Stay tuned for the rough stage of this undershirt!



4 thoughts on “Wii U Link Cosplay: Undershirt Pattern

    • Well, cmweissmedia, I’m using a linen-look fabric, and the embroidery would follow the pattern on Link’s forearms. Thanks for asking!

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