Pleated Dress: The Draping Continues

dress, red, sewing, draping, drape, dress, form, dressform, pattern, fashion

I still don’t have the fabric I need to make a circle skirt for my friend, so I’m still focusing on the pleated dress. When I left off, I had draped it.

Fixing Issues

Because I haven’t worked on this dress in a while, I’ve had plenty of time to stare at my dress form and find all the little issues I wanted to fix. For instance, I wanted to alter the neckline, and I liked one arm hole better than the other.

To adjust, I added some more fabric and cut that, then laid it over the initial pieces. For the arm holes, I simply made a note of which side I liked more, since the pattern will be a half piece that I’ll cut on a fold anyway.

Clean Edges

dress, red, sewing, draping, drape, dress, form, dressform, pattern, fashion, scizzors,

When I initially draped this dress, I cut each piece out roughly. That means lots of uneven lines and choppy edges. It’ll be easier to draft a pattern off these pieces with cleaner lines.

I folded each piece in half and cut along the edges to ensure both sides were (at least mostly) identical. I also noted which sides I liked best so I can follow those when drafting.

Next Steps

I didn’t get much done today (mostly because it’s Labor Day and I feel lazy). My next steps will be:

  • Draft the paper pattern.
  • Drape the pleats.
  • Cut the actual fabric.

That to-do list should take me all month. Because I work a full-time job, I usually progress slowly. Of course, if I do ever get to the fabric store, I’ll start working on a circle skirt, pushing back this schedule.


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