The Next 12 (ish) Months

link, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, art nouveau, alphonse, mucha

This is the hair design for my art nouveau Link cosplay concept.

When I think of a new project, I get really excited. However, my ambition and free time never seem to line up – that is to say, I have tons of sewing-project ideas on the back burning. But now that Impa and the cocktail dress are totally done (albeit with possible changes to make in the future), I can finally work through my to-do list. With that in mind, here’s what I have planned for the next year or so:

Circle Skirt

My friend Madelynn very generously provided me with her services as a makeup artist, but rather than accept monetary compensation for her work, she asked for a talent exchange. She did my makeup for my portfolio photo shoot, and I will make her a custom circle skirt.

Since it’s been a couple of months since the photo shoot, I need to prioritize her payment. I have a bunch of fabric, so I haven’t yet decided what I’ll use. She likes black and jewel tones, so I have a lot of options.

dress, sketch, fashion, pleats, sewing

Pleated Dress

I started working on that pleated dress last week, but I’ll put it on hold while I quickly make Madelynn’s skirt. Circle skirts are easy, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks.

Once that’s done, I can resume the pleated dress. I’ve draped most of it, but I still need to make some adjustments before drafting the pattern.

link, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, alphonse, mucha, art, nouveau

This is the dress design for my art nouveau Link cosplay concept.

Link Cosplay 1

I have two Link cosplay ideas in mind, and I don’t know which I’ll tackle first. But here’s one idea: A while ago, I designed a gown inspired by Alphonse Mucha prints. It’s an art nouveau type of thing meant to look like Link. So Alphonse Mucha, art nouveau Link gown. It might be a bit of a convoluted concept, but I’m excited nonetheless.

After the prop-heavy costume that was Impa’s, I’m looking forward to a cosplay that’s strictly sewing, but that still portrays one of my all-time favorite characters.

For this, I already have fabric and a concept. I’ll talk more in detail about all those components once I start working on it.

link, legend, of, zelda, wii, u, wiiu

Link Cosplay 2

For my second Link, I’ll go more of the traditional cosplay route and mimic Link’s ensemble from the upcoming Wii U Legend of Zelda game. I will be crossplaying.

Remember how the Internet freaked out after the E3 teaser trailer of the new Zelda because people thought Link was a girl? If I wear this cosplay and people ask whether I’m male of female, I’ll have properly mocked that whole Web-based conundrum.

What’s more, I really want to focus on craftsmanship and realism in this piece. So, that means learning some leatherworking and carving skills. Additionally, after initial research, I’ve realized I’ll have to change a few things about the outfit for the pieces to make sense.

Costumes for the sake of design are a huge cosplay pet peeve for me. If the outfit has some piece, it better well serve a purpose. I’ve already noticed in my limited cosplay experience how many character designs feature superfluous elements that would hinder the person in real life. I want to do away with those things, or find a way to make them functional, and I have some ideas for Link.

As of now, this is everything I have on the horizon. Keep an eye out for updates.


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