Impa Cosplay: Chest Binder

chest, binder, impa, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, costuming, costume, sewing, stitching, pattern, making

I had to take a break from making armor for a while (it’s a really tedious process, you guys!), so I went back to my roots – ahhh, my good old sewing machine! The last major stitching project was the chest binder, which you barely see on Impa’s costume. However, it’s still an important part.

As there’s some speculation about whether binding a chest is healthy, I decided to make a tube top that looks like binding, but doesn’t hurt my boobs – at the end of the day, if the girls aren’t comfortable, I’m not a happy camper.

Also, you should all know that I’ve been terrible at taking photos lately. I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing, so I only have a few images. Hurray!

Take 1: Repurposed

impa, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, costume, sewing, tube, top, binder, chest

I initially planned on using a tube top I already owned. It was long, so I folded it in half, added elastic to the underbust and sewed strips of fabric to the front.

Then, I added a long bra closure to the back to further tighten it. Problem was, the top is made of stretchy material, and even though I used a zigzag stitch to attach the fabric strips, I still couldn’t get the finished product over my shoulders.

So there you have it, me working too late at night, not thinking through my idea and ultimately realizing that I should have figured it out sooner.

Take 2: From scratch

impa, hyrule, warriors, legend, of, zelda, cosplay, binder, chest, sewing, patternmaking, costume

With my original idea in the trash (literally), I made the whole tube top from scratch. I cut a thicker, stretchy fabric into one long strip, then added the strips to the front, again.

Next, I sewed on biased tape to create a channel for the elastic that would (once again) rest at the underbust. Finally, I finished the bottom seam and added the bra closure.

It only took an hour and a half or so, but I now have a “binder.” It’s tight enough that I don’t feel like it’s falling off, but I can breathe just fine.


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