Meet Fitzwilliam


Last week, I brought home a new friend! Meet my second bunny: Fitzwilliam.

I named him after Fitzwilliam Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice,” because I love that book. He looks a lot like my other rabbit, Pinto Bean, so it must be fate! I want to bond them over the next few months. In fact, I got Fitz so Pinto wouldn’t be so lonely.

He’s a lot bigger than her, even though he’s younger – Pinto is a dwarf.

So far, I’ve learned that he’s adventurous (he ran around the apartment the first day, while Pinto never leaves my room), dopey (he turns his head sideways when he eats) and friendly (he climbs on my lap often).


I’m so happy to have another rabbit, and I hope Pinto will come to love him.


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