Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 5: Finishing Construction


Guys, I’ve finally finished the construction of Impa’s jumpsuit, and it feels damn good! I still have to distress the legs and paint on the thigh triangles, but the costume is built and wearable. Here’s where I left off in the last post:

Putting the Pieces Together

In my last post, I had the top and bottom of the outfit ready to combine. I stitched the two together fairly easily using first a basting stitch then a stronger one.

I usually can’t wear ready-made rompers because the torso is too short, so I was worried this pattern would have the same issue. Fortunately, it did not. The torso/waist was long enough, and the whole garment fits pretty well.

However, if I were to make the whole thing again, I’d do a size up. The garment fits, it’s just a little tight around the knees.

Adding Elastic

The design of this jumpsuit requires that the waist be large so it can slip over my hips. So, I need something to cinch it in once I have the jumpsuit on. Normally, I don’t like using elastic if it wouldn’t exist in the period the garment belongs to (none of my Victorian outfits have elastic or zippers), but I figured for cosplay, it wasn’t a big deal.

Adding the elastic casing was a pain in the ass. I used bias tape, stitching it to the seam allowance at the waist. Then I stitched it to the inside of the garment.


I had to rip the seams open a few times and adjust because the fabric got all bunched, but, eventually, I finished the casing and it looks pretty nice.

I fed the elastic through then stitched it closed.

Hemming the Pants

Adding the hem to the pants was really easy compared to inserting the elastic casing. With a few folds, ironing and stitching, it was done!

The pants are pretty tight around the bottom, and I have to shimmy it over my calves. However, the pants stay in place, which is good.

The Finished Piece

I’m pretty happy with how the final product looks – it’s wearable and looks like Impa’s outfit. Working in the paint and triangles will really finish the piece off. For now, here’s what it looks like:


I just wore black leggings under the outfit, which is probably what I’ll do for my actual cosplay. However I might seek different leggings – these aren’t as sturdy as I’d like. If you look at the waist, you can see both seams, which form the elastic casing.

I also took a photo with the scarf I’ve finished to show my full outfit progress thus far



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