Polish Pottery: Teacup Edition


As a brief interlude from my onslaught of cosplay posts, I thought I’d share with you a gift I got for my birthday. At a lovely dinner with two of my close friends, I was given Polish pottery. You should know, I am half Polish and rather proud of my heritage, so I was thrilled when I saw the blue and white patterns.

Cup of Tea, Darling?

I’ve wanted to own Polish pottery for a while now, but the best part of the gift was that my friend got me a teacup. I drink copious amounts of tea and have a collection of pots and cups. This particular model includes a steeping basket (for looseleaf tea), a lid (to keep the contents warm) and a saucer.


Eagerly, I brewed black tea in my new cup, and it’s safe to say I’m quite happy with the gift. (Isn’t it just the cutest?)


When the tea was done steeping, I took the infuser basket out and placed it on the saucer – don’t want to oversteep those leaves!


After steeping, I drank some tasty tea in a cute cup while watching Netflix. What a good night!



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