Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 4: Adding Details


Note the trim on her top and the stitches near the cutouts on her legs

When I left off, I had finished the basics of the top and bottom sections separately. They were stitched together and each seam was reinforced. However, before I could put the two together to make the jumpsuit, I had to add some decorative elements.

Impa’s outfit has some details near the neckline: gold and cream trim. Additionally, the arm holes and cutouts on the pants feature long, thick and black stitches (which I sewed by hand). Here’s how I copied the look:

Gold Trim

Originally, I purchased gold cord to use as the trim on Impa’s outfit, but I changed my mind after looking at her picture more. Instead, I decided to use my machine to embroider it with gold thread. I don’t have a serger, and my machine isn’t super fancy, but I figured out a way to make it work – I used a zigzag stitch and made the distance between each stitch less than one. I’ve done this before for some other garments.


I placed the gold line on the inside of the neckline – the pattern I used has this fabric piece that I attached to the shirt fronts. So I put the gold near that seam. That went all the way around the neck.

Cream Trim

Impa’s outfit also has some cream trim on the outermost edge of the neckline. It kind of looks like it could be another shirt or just trim – it was difficult to tell from screenshots of the game. However, I could definitely tell it wasn’t as ornate as the gold, so I decided to stitch bias tape onto the neckline.


I only let a little of the tape show, but I think it turned out well. Having both pieces of trim add some dimension to the outfit, I think.


In the above picture, you can kind of see the inside of the garment. You’ll notice the bias tape I used to enclose the seams – I like the insides of my pieces to look as nice as the outside, so no loose threads.

Black Stitches

The stitches around the arm holes and leg cutouts were pretty fun to add. I stitched them by hand using a backstitch while watching movies. I measured how far from the edge my first stitch was and made sure the others were the same distance – that way, the detail is uniform.


With the details in place, I can finally attach the top and bottom of the jumpsuit! It’s a big moment.


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