Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 3: Making the Pants


Right off the bat, the work on the pants went much easier and faster than the top. I didn’t run into major issues, and my strategy for altering the pattern went off without a hitch – didn’t see that one coming. Here’s what I did:


The last time I tried to make pants – it was a while ago because I tend to make dresses and skirts – I made two left legs, which makes the saying about feet quite literal. This time, I was determined to have all the proper appendages on my garment. Of course, that means writing on the fabric!

I labeled the four pieces with “front,” “back,” “right” and “left,” so each piece got two labels.



Next, I stitched the inseam on both legs. I also ironed the seam flat and sewed it back on the pants (the inseam of most blue jeans is like that). The double stitch gives the garment durability, which is important in an area where my legs will rub together.


After the inseam, I stitched the crotch area and checked to make sure it was long enough. I usually can’t wear rompers because the waist isn’t long enough. Fortunately, the pattern for this outfit had a long waist, though the final garment is still a little difficult to get on.



Then I got to the fun part: adding the side openings! Impa’s costume has cutouts on the hips where her armor lays. They’re sort of triangle-shaped.


Pay attention to the cutouts in her pants.

To figure out the placement and size, I looked at a photo of Impa and saw the cutouts ended right when her hips start curving inward again. I measured how far that point was on my body from my waist and marked it on the outer seam of each leg.

I left some fabric near the waistline so I could sew the top of the garment to it.


After that, I stitched and finished the outer seams.

Adding Finishes

Before I could sew the top and bottom together, I wanted to hem the cutouts. As with the arm holes in the blouse, I used bias tape to hem. Later, I stitched the tape against the pants (you’ll see in a later post).


I also added fabric to the part of the waist I left intact to hem that – basically, I finished raw edges that would have shown in the cutout.

The Pants

After all that, I could finally put the pants on! What an accomplishment. They were a little tighter than I thought they’d be, but I can still bend my knees just fine. All that’s left on the bottoms is the leg hems and the black stitches around the cutouts. So far, I’m feeling good!


You can see where the fabric is tight on my calves. I’m just too muscular I guess (I wish).



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