Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 2: Tackling the Top


Pay attention to the top of her blouse, particularly the arm hole, ’cause that’s what I’m talking about today.

The top/blouse for Impa’s jumpsuit required a lot of figuring things out. I had to alter the pattern by trial and error to get it to look the way I envisioned. After plenty of ripped seams and hours spent bent over my machine, I have (mostly) completed the top section of the jumpsuit. Next I’ll either do the bottom then incorporate decorative elements or vice versa. So we’ll see. Here’s my progress:

Gathering and Cutting

This pattern has three sections that require gathering: the back of the neckline and on each shoulder. To gather, I sewed a loose stitch and pulled one thread. After putting the front and back pieces together, I had my first alteration: the arm holes. As they were, they were too small – the ones on Impa’s outfit dip down to reveal the bandages she wears. All in all, I had to cut them down a couple of times before I was satisfied.

Fortunately, along with opening the arm holes, I naturally was able to narrow the shoulders (the two go hand in hand).


I measured and marked the pieces I removed so it would be balanced on both sides.


The top features these two strips that make the neckline. They were pretty easy to sew on, and they look nice. I think they’ll make sewing ornamental features (like the yellow lines you see in Impa’s outfit) easier.


Shnazy, huh?

Inserting Darts

The major downside to opening the arm holes and narrowing the shoulders is that the front of the garment points out awkwardly. To smooth the top out, I added darts, which basically means folding the fabric and sewing into the garment.

I marked the spots with chalk, then did some measuring, sewing and adjusting to get them to match on each side. I haven’t had to improvise darts before, but I think it turned out OK.


Finishing Touches

When I sew, I’m sort of a stickler for finishes. I don’t like exposed or frayed seams, so I make sure everything is enclosed. Most of the time, I either sew the seam back down or I cover them with bias tape. For the arm holes, I did something different. I sewed the tape onto the hole (right sides facing each other), then stitched the seam.

I flipped the tape inside the garment and pressed it together. Later, I’ll make those large black stitches you see on Impa’s outfit. This way, the seams are finished and reinforced – double whammy! You can kind of see the tape poking out here:


And finally, here’s a look at the whole top, thus far:


All I have left is to finish the neckline seams, add the black stitches and embroider the yellow seen on Impa’s costume. I’m pretty happy with the garment, but I’m also super sleepy – I always hit this fatigue point when sewing.

Really, I’m just looking forward to doing the pants part so I can put this jumpsuit together!


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