Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 1: Prep Time


After making Impa’s scarf, I thought I’d do the gloves, but I was excited about her jumpsuit and decided to make that next. I found a pattern that has some of the elements of her jumpsuit, though I knew going into it I’d have to make some alterations. However, I enjoy contemplating how I can take what I have and make it all work – it’s the designer, critical-thinker, problem-solver side of me.


Alterations I’ll Have to Make

While this post is about the pre-sewing I did for the jumpsuit, I still feel like talking about garment construction, so here it comes. As you might notice, Impa’s jumpsuit has a few key elements:

  • Sleeveless (thin strap)
  • Wrap front
  • Gold trim
  • Thigh cutouts
  • Capri length
  • Deep arm holes

The pattern I found had many of these features, including:

  • Sleeveless
  • Wrap front
  • Capri length

As you can see, the shoulder’s are wider than Impa’s costume and the arm holes are tighter, so those are things I’ll have to alter later on. Additionally, I want to add gold details. I originally purchased gold cord, but now I’m considering embroidering instead. We’ll see which I choose.

With all that in mind, here’s what I’ve done so far on the costume:


Cutting the Pattern

I cut out all the pieces of the jumpsuit pattern – I’ll use most of them (all but two), and the others will just be set to go if I ever reuse this pattern.  Additionally, the pattern included two pieces for all the pants lengths (front and back). It says to cut the leg pattern where you want the hem to stop. Although I’m using the capri length, I kept the whole pattern intact, which you can see in the last photo. Again, this is in case I want to make a full-length outfit in the future.

Next, I ironed the pattern.



Pro tip: Always iron your pattern pieces before cutting your fabric. Many pattern pieces have creases because they were stored all folded up in an envelope. If you don’t iron the paper, you could incorrectly cut your fabric, which isn’t good. By ironing first, you’ll be able to see all your lines clearly.

Also, use scissors (or in my case, a rotary cutter) that you don’t use on fabric. Paper dulls the blade, making cutting fabric a real pain in the ass. I have two rotary cutters: one for paper and one for fabric.


Cutting the Fabric

Before I laid my patterns on the blue fabric, I ironed it. That’s right, more ironing! Sewing is equal parts cutting, stitching and ironing, so make sure you have a good appliance and an ironing board set up whenever you work on a project. I removed the wrinkles on my fabric so it would be nice and even when I cut it.

Then I placed my pattern pieces on the fabric. I always use the layout guide shown in the pattern – following the map is the most efficient way to cut your pieces so you don’t waste any fabric. I did not cut pockets, as the thigh cutouts in Impa’s costume will be placed right where pockets would be.

I like to use a rotary cutter (it looks like a pizza cutter). That way, the fabric stays on my cutting board, and the tool is quick and easy to use – yay!

Voila! After some cutting, ironing and pinning, I have all the pieces I’ll need for Impa’s jumpsuit.

Have any questions about the process or want tips for the prep stages? Leave a comment.




3 thoughts on “Impa’s Jumpsuit Part 1: Prep Time

  1. Yo! Eu queria saber como você fez os moldes, o tamanho e as figuras. Como você disse, encontro parecidos na internet.
    Como você fez? Quais as dicas para isso?
    Eu adorei seu projeto e queria muito saber como fez. Obrigada 🙂

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