Impa’s Scarf


I finished the first bit of my Impa cosplay project: her scarf. I used the black fabric I already had, wooden beads in red, orange and yellow, red hemp twine and interfacing (to make sure the scarf is stiff). I decided to make it a tall infinity scarf that only wraps once, as that’s what the scarf in Hyrule Warriors looks like.


The Prep Process

First I took some measurements and cut my cotton black to size. Then I marked where I would have the two red strings run along the front of the scarf. Next, I attached the strings by hand – I stitched them in place at intervals. Also, I strung the beads and set those in place. Beading and setting the string took the longest. I spent most of Saturday afternoon doing it. I just wanted to be sure everything was in the right place. Like I said in my other post about Impa’s cosplay, I want this costume to feel real in a way. I picked wooden beads because I imagine that’s the material to which her tribe would have easiest access. Additionally, I envision she earned the beads during battle.


This is the scarf after I finished the bottom row.

Next, I added interfacing to the backside of the scarf. That way, when I wear it, it will stand up.

Machine Sewing

Once the beads, twine and interfacing were all in place, I could finally sew the scarf. I wanted it to be an infinity scarf, so I started by stitching the two sides together. If you want to learn how to make this kind of scarf (it’s actually super easy), check out this tutorial. To finish up the scarf, I used a blind stitch. It’s also easy to do, but you need steady hands – mine were shaky while I was doing it thanks to coffee, but the final product turned out OK anyway.


The final product!

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Using interfacing was a last-minute decision, but one I’m glad I made. The scarf stands well on it’s own, and the beads look great. Were it not for the hand stitching of the cosmetic details, this scarf would be about a two-hour project. I’m thinking I’ll either tackle her gloves or the jumpsuit next. We’ll see.


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