Let the Cosplay Begin!

If you follow this blog, you know sewing is one of my big hobbies. As far as creative projects go, if I’m not writing, I’m sewing. Despite years of working at the craft, I have yet to try cosplay, and that all changes 2015. That’s right, I’m giving it a go! I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know much about prop-making, but I can learn, right?


Starting Strong

For my first project, I decided to make a costume for Impa from Hyrule Warriors. She’s hella awesome in the game, and her outfit is pretty neat. As I studied her clothing, I realized she’s got a lot of pieces that are influenced by samurai armor. It’s kind of perfect really, given her position – samurai fought for feudal lords, to whom they were fiercely loyal. Impa is the loyal servant to ruler Zelda. Nice work there, game designers.

You can see some of the influence in her topknot-like hairstyle, the armor on her thighs and the cut of her jumpsuit. She also has some ninja-like qualities with her stockings, shoes and gloves. Overall, it’ll be fun to make.

My Cosplay Style

Whenever I’ve looked at cosplay in the past, I was always annoyed by the feel or texture of many costumes. They tend to look like costumes because they lack depth and dimension. I want to avoid that as much as possible and make my outfits seem real. Each piece of the costume should have a history and purpose, and the final product should seem worn. (Basically, I’m thinking more like a costume designer).

For instance, the beads in Impa’s scarf speak to me. I imagine warriors from her tribe earn them from battle. I thought about what kind of beads her tribe would use, and I figured wood or stone was most appropriate.

Buying Materials

Joanne had a New Year’s sale, so I visited to store to start buying materials for Impa’s costume. I had black fabric already, but I got blue for her jumpsuit and a few notions like trim, beads, string, etc. I was hoping to find linen with the right blue color, but Joanne only had the fabric in sky blue. Womp womp. So, I got a hearty cotton.


This is the fabric, trim and patterns I got at the store.


Here are beads, feathers, string, etc.

I’m excited to get started! I’ll begin with her scarf, which is pretty easy. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Let the Cosplay Begin!

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