Fancy Ambitions: Designing a Ballgown


As I have completed my big annual summer sewing project, I decided I want to move onto something else. Something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile: a ballgown. And not just any ballgown, a Victorian one. I finally received the patterns I’ll use, and I have one of the fabrics. Here’s a look at what’s up next in my sewing project lineup:

The patterns that inspired me

I bummed around Amazon for some time, trying to find a historically inspired pattern with which to work. I ended up discovering two: a bodice and a skirt train. Both will work well with an underskirt pattern I have. Here are the two patterns:



My final design

Between the two of these, I was able to come up with an entire design. I’ll be using a burgundy velvet for the train and bodice, though the bodice’s sleeves and sashes will be another fabric. Additionally, the underskirt will be made of the same fabric as the sleeves. As of now, I have the velvet. Next I’ll have to find the rest of the fabric. I’m thinking of choosing a cream-colored fabric that has floral details. Something with roses would be nice.  Anyway, here’s the sketch I drew up:



As you can see from the picture (or maybe not, as I feel the need to point them out), I also want to include accessories. I think gloves, a choker necklace and a hair feather would make the outfit complete. Though, if the fabric I end up using for the underskirt has roses, then putting a flower in my hair would make more sense. We’ll see.


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