To the Renaissance Faire and Beyond!

Hello Blogosphere! It’s been awhile. While I’ve been away from my wordpress, I’ve been working on costumes, most notably for Steampunk Day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I tend to make more historically inspired pieces than alternative history ones, but it all works out. I attended the faire yesterday, July 19, and had a wonderful time, so I thought I’d share pictures of my outfit and the day.

My costume

I bought a historic pattern online and decided to tackle that first. It’s a Victorian overskirt that requires several techniques I’ve never tried, until now: bustling and pleating. While the pattern’s instructions were poorly written at best, the skirt itself was rather simple to make.

green skirt


I had both fabrics laying around so I decided to put them to good use in this skirt. Overall, I was very happy with how it turned out. In fact, I think it’s my favorite part of the whole outfit.

I realized that the other Victorian pieces I have in my wardrobe didn’t match the skirt, so I decided to make an underskirt and a bodice. The skirt turned out great and the top matches well. However, thanks to the time crunch I was under and my inability to find a pattern I really liked, I’m not totally pleased with the bodice. Here’s the outfit as a whole:

green costume

As an ensemble, I’m happy with the way this costume turned out. Because I was the one who sewed it, however, I am acutely aware of its flaws.

Saying ‘hi’ to old friends

I actually worked at the Bristol Renaissance Faire two years ago. I was a performer in the kid’s area. To this day, I’d say Ren Faire was the best job I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, life since then has prevented me from working at the faire. I look forward to the year when I can return. Until then, I’ll keep attending as a patron. I did get a chance to greet my old cast mates and meet up with old friends. Here’s a shot of some of the people with whom I used to perform:

ren group

It was a great day at the faire!



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