The Self-Improvement ‘Plan’

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio

Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio

I was jogging through my neighborhood the other day. I should note that I live in Oak Park, Illinois, which is where famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright kept his home and studio. The area is filled with buildings he designed. Most are homes and you can take a walking tour of them. I’ve been on the tour before, but I decided to jog by the historic district because A) I’m a total architecture nerd and B) it’s a great view. I stopped and took a few photos on my phone.

Observing the skills of a master
The above photo features Frank Lloyd Wright’s home. This is the front entrance. You’ll notice the long horizontal lines prevalent in the Prairie school of architecture. I think what strikes me most about Wright’s work is that all of it is so ahead of its time. You can look across the street from this house and see other structures built at the same time, but the two share little in common. His designs seem modern, even today. That kind of mastery of form requires passion and determination.

I’ve known for a while now that I have no clue what I’m passionate about professionally. I know I am a skilled writer, but talent only gets you so far. I haven’t been struck by lightening yet. I don’t know if I need to experience more of life to find it or simply try my hand at whatever seems interesting and hope to discover my passions through that work. I want to find something that consumes me. I want to stay up all night because my work moves me.

Frank Lloyd Wright studio

Frank Lloyd Wright studio


Seeking self improvement
The above photo was taken from the side of the home and studio. I love the detail on the columns. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the tour, so I don’t remember the significance of all the images on the building, but I admire them nonetheless.

My life changed dramatically recently – this week actually. Despite the heartache of it all, I’m feeling optimistic. For the first time in my life, I really want to focus on myself and changing for the better. I have a lot of personal growth to do, but I know I can do it. And even though I don’t know where my life is headed, I want to find my passion. I think I”ll just keep trying new things, build a lightning rod, if you will.

I want to become the very best version of myself. For that to happen, I have to build new friendships, pursue my interests and stay motivated.

Frank Lloyd Wright design

Frank Lloyd Wright design

Me and Wright
You may be wondering what my journey has to do with architecture: They are connected because I am inspired by Wright’s work. His dedication to his craft, his expertise: Both are traits I’d like to appropriate in my writing (or whatever other creative endeavors I chase).

Life is huge and scary because it’s such a mystery. But I guess that’s also the fun of it. I like this picture (I don’t remember the name of this house) because the entryway looks like an embrace. I’m walking through that metaphorical door and I’m ready to be embraced by life (sorry that’s so cheezy, but it’s true).


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